Shooting at Ohio school…

October 11 2007

Here we go again people with yet another school shooting happening. This has to stop for our kids are there to learn not kill. There is alot we can do to stop all of this madness. The N.R.A. needs to help stop this and stop trying to let guns be sold to everyone. The parents that these kids belong to need to be held accountable for the actions of these kids. If the parents were around the kids then this craziness might not happen. Also the music these kids listen to isnt the best. Rap isnt the best music around.

I also found that most think that the life at home does have alot to do with these kids acting out like they do. Here is something I found online and will add more to this post as I find it.

Parents love to blame musicians like Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre to
bands like KoRn and Limp Bizkit for their child’s problems. Music is
an excuse for bad parenting. “One should look at the family background
of the person committing the crimes” (Foster 3). Most criminals come
from dysfunctional families, which would explain why a person would
turn to crime in life. Another reason a person would turn to crime is
being sexually abused as a young child. This would definitely cause a
person to go a little crazy. When someone hears some lyrics from
Eminem, they do not go out and do what he says. Lyrics from Eminem and
other similar lyrics are for entertainment only. If people did
whatever they heard, then everybody would be evil and corrupted I hear
far worse words and phrases during school than on a rap album, and the
words do not effect me or anybody else otherwise everybody in school
would run around shooting people and doing drugs.

Click here for the whole story

Kids also feel that they are in jail when in school…this from Crime library

Here is some more info on school killings….

Another conspicuous trait is the feeling of entitlement. “School killers feel entitled to be treated well and they react angrily when they are rejected. A majority of violent kids at school admit that ‘school feels like a jail sentence.’ They feel the rules are unfair–there is one set of rules for the popular kids and another set of rules for the unpopular or the rejected. They almost exclusively feel that other students—and teachers—pick on them or bully them.”

Now we as parents need to stand up, talk with our kids and explain to them that they can talk to us anytime they need to. Don’t put your kids on the back burners.

I noticed last week that 2 young men in the area here were stopped by police again, this being a regular thing because their parents work all the time and let them be free and run the streets all the time and they dont give a shit about what they do. One of these kids stole a handgun last summer so now I fear for the kids in the area!! call me a rasict because I dont care but parents need to watch watch their kids watch, listen to and surf. Grow up some of you and take care of your kids! Teach them wrong from right!!


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