Discrimination at work

October 12 2007

I am going to post something that will hopefully get people to wise up and take a stand. Are you one of many that goes into work everyday and bust his or her ass for a company and in turn finds out that someone makes fun of you and calls you names behind your back to fellow coworkers? When you say something to the bosses the say they will take care of the problem but don’t. I know of someone that has worked so hard at doing a great job and has been praised for his hard work and in turn after a period of time their hours have been cut so much they can’t make a living and this is all because of someone that has told the higher ups that he should take this person’s place which it’s known that this person isn’t able to do the job but this person doesn’t like faggots!! This is 100% wrong in my book and it will be addressed at the right time and place! Harassment on the job should never be allowed to happen and if certain folks don’t take a stand then it will continue to happen!
Please go and read more about what can be done to fight this kind of discrimination!! Well in my 41 years on this planet I have seen the discrimination and it just pisses me off to this happening at this day and age! Many people just keep quite about this and do their job but it’s time we stand up and fight this for many employers need to know that shouldn’t happen and we aren’t going to stand for this. I have received an email today about this same problem and I am going to work and help fight this for I have been know to be a victim myself. here is a part of the email and we will talk more in a minute about what needs to be done.

This morning, a letter signed by more than 90 national and state advocacy organizations that work on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people was delivered to Congress, asking for more time to garner support for ENDA as it was originally introduced. Some 2,500 congregations were asked to activate their memberships to call Congress. Students are also calling and e-mailing Congress and launching Facebook accounts to build support, working from 120 LGBT campus resource centers. Action alerts, blog postings and opinion pieces supporting a trans-inclusive ENDA have been flying over the Internet.

We at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force are immensely proud to be part of this moment. Our staff mounts a full-court press in the halls of Congress, on the telephones and over e-mail, to convince our congressional leaders that separating transgender people from the rest of us is unacceptable and unsupportable.

Why have we all worked so hard together and in such a dramatic way over this issue? For over a decade, the Task Force, and increasingly our organizational colleagues, has re-embraced transgender friends, family and colleagues as part of our community and part of our movement for freedom and equality. We believe the social disapproval and punishment of LGBT people varies only by degree. Yes, we can be fired if we identify ourselves as lesbian, gay or bisexual. But it isn’t always about who we love; sometimes it’s about a refusal or inability to disguise ourselves — “pass” — as heterosexual.

The freedom to express ourselves and be ourselves is at stake when any one of us is punished and persecuted for stepping outside the rigid rules of gender conformity. Lesbians, gay men and bisexual people historically engage a whole range of dress and behaviors that challenge the traditional gender code. Women who are too masculine and men who are too feminine often suffer job discrimination and harassment at work, just as our transgender sisters and brothers do.

This also includes those that are transgender people and if someone is doing their job and a good one at that then why should people discriminate against those. Maybe alittle jealousy? We as a community need to stand up and fight those businesses that are letting this happen.

I would hope that everyone will contact your senator and let them know your not going to stand for this kind of work harrassment and we all need to do something about this now!


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