A Special thank you for Kathy T.

October 14 2007

Kathy T. is one of the best writers around and everytime she writes something it always is great!!. She has been writing for the D.N.J. and today there is another article that was wrote wonderful.

Two other people in my life have dedicated nearly every waking moment this month to helping a local family in crisis. Mark Gunn of the Smyrna Bowling Center and Murfreesboro resident Yvonne Moon were very much affected when they heard about the plight of La Vergne resident Brandon Brewer. Brandon is well known in the county as a very sick child. At birth, the doctors diagnosed him with Hirschsprung’s disease, an illness that prevents his body from absorbing nutrients. His family pays $10,000 every month for medicine, prescriptions that are not covered by insurance — an amount that doesn’t even touch other massive medical expenses.

pLEASE GO AND READ MORE ON THIS WONDERFUL ARTICLE!! and then go visit here over here at her castle or over here at her kingdom!!


One comment

  1. Beam! You and Yvonne were amazing with what you did for Brandon and his family. No kudos to me – all to you and Yvonee!

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