Overseas jobs not doing well!

October 17 2007

Well lately there has been news about all the toys in China being recalled and I knew something like this would end up happening when our Government started letting companies move overseas. These big companies think they could save money by sending our jobs all overseas but it just bit them in the ass! Now is it really safe to buy anything made in China?

On another note a few years back I heard that when you go to Mcd’s and place your order through the drive-thru that you might be talking to someone in India. Alot of businesses have sent their call centers over to this country and when someone calls me on the phone and I cant understand them it bothers me. We have so many people here living off the government that these jobs would be perfect for those people to get on their feet and make a living. I have just read online something about the people of India stating that they don’t want anymore call centers in their country. That makes me so happy now. it seems that most over in India are upset because the westerners treat them so bad on the phones but when you cant understand a word they are saying it upsets many of us here in the United States. I am all for someone having a job and making a living but when will the big companies realize that they need to help support those in this country first? Out sourcing of Jobs is not the answer to saving money in this country. What is the answer is some of the companies have unions that petty much eat up at the profits of companies, Like G.M. Their employees make about $65.00 an hour which includes benefits and they dont work as hard as the average person. Now Nissan isnt unionized and those people make a good living still and work hard for the money plus are actually very nice people to know. That company treats their employees nice with vacations, days off, and employee functions. The better you treat your people the harder they will work.

Here is some of the article about India.

That’s a sentiment shared by many students at Sri Venkateswara College. On a recent Friday afternoon, a group of students chatted under the shade of a tree on the last day of classes before fall break Asked whether they would consider working at a call center, all eight said no, citing concerns about abusive customers and the long-term health effects of the jobs. “Earlier it was considered cool to work at a call center,” said Nishant Thakur, 19, after the group had dispersed. “That died out quite quickly.” Added Thakur’s friend, Vishal Lathwal, 19, “If you work at a call center today people will think you don’t have anything else to do or were a bad student.”

In addition to having to work at night, call center workers must sometimes cope with abusive and racist remarks from overseas customers upset with jobs being shifted to India. In an infamous example two years ago, a Philadelphia-based radio show host pretending to order hair beads from an Indian call center operator berated her as a “dirty rat eater.” While the abuse was for an on-air program, Indian call center workers say they’ve encountered similar sentiments from real customers. Within six months to a year, their dreams of making “lots of money” and buying motorcycles and other consumer goods fade, says Vinod Shetty, a labor lawyer in Mumbai and advocate for call center operators. “The burnout is very high.” The Indian government is concerned about stress-related conditions like high blood pressure at call centers and other outsourcing companies and is working on a health policy for the industry.

If you want to read more then jump on over to this this and leave me your comments about jobs in general going overseas and how it affects you as buyer of goods and services.


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