October 19 2007

I have less than 48 jours and I get to fly to Dunedin Florida for 10 days. I have worked 3 and a half years without missing a day or a vacation and I am really looking forward to taking a long awaited vacation. I am going down to see my older brother and his wife. I will be working Friday night then coming home at 8:30am and I will have to be at the airport at 10:30am to fly out at noon. I am so excited about taking this vacation I can’t wait! We are also going to a music festival on Thursday thru Sunday and I get to work about 4 hours each day during this and can’t wait to listen to some great music. I have not been very close to my older brother but it’s time in my life that i do get to know him and all his friends. The Dunedin area is so nice that I could live there. I will be looking around while down there and if I see something I like as in a job I just might take it. My only fear is that I hope there is not any hurrincaes while I am there. I will be taking alot of pics and I hope to make a few post while I am there so stay tuned to the Drama Llama to see what all I am getting into for this next week I will be also turning 41 yrs old. Talk with all of you when I get back!!


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