The time has arrived

October 20 2007

Well folks the time has arrived that I amm now on vacation. WOOT WOOT!! I am now off for 10 wonderful days from the bowling center and fixing to head right out of town to Dunedin Florida. I am so excited about this trip. I have talk with my brother already and he tells me that he has alot of things planned for me to do while there. On thursday next week we will be heading to Live Oak Florida for the MagnoliaFest. I myself have never been to something like this that last for 4 days. It will be something very different than I am used to. I am told there is a chance that I might be sleeping in a tent outdoors. Oh my god!! Me in a tent. lol! No running water, no radio, and no COMPUTER. wILL i MAKE IT? I want everyone to think of me while those 4 days are going on. No computer to cause drama with is something I wont be able to handle. I was also told the people at this fest are like modern day hippies. Lots of love there. hmmmmm. I am also going to be turning 41 on Monday which is kind of cool that I am celebrating my birthday out of town which is something I have never done before. Something else that I have never done before is take a vacation out of town for this long! Will I make it? Let’s hope so. Well to all of my readers which will be about 15 of them I want to say goodbye for the week and I might be able to post some but not alot so stay tuned to see if I post any pics while down there.


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