A comment from Bowling2u.com

November 29 2007

I always look at this other site to see what folks are saying about us and I found this one comment that someone left and I want to say thank you for saying what you said and we welcome you to our center.

Here is what this bowler said.

“in response to someone saying that murfreesboro employees are helpful. you must not bowl there often. Very rarely are they at the counter. They are out wondering around with their boyfriends in the down stairs office. I have bowled so many leagues in that building and have seen it all. The owner does not care so the employees do not care. i have recently been bowling in Smryna and have been very impressed with their staff and how their buisness is ran. If Murfreesboro is so much better than Smryna why is all of their leagues now in Smryna. Except for 4 keagues that stayed. Think about it {deleted} “


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