Smoking ban is hurting small business already….

December 02 2007

Ok folks our state government has passed this law about smoking in public places and I know from my view that it has hurt the business i work at. The bowling center on 3rd shift used to do a great business with folks bowling and drinking plus able to smoke while they do so and now we are so slow that we might as well close down on 3rd shift. Also I have read in the Cookeville Tn newspaper that one of the resturants there has closed its dorrs and this chain of resturants might be hurting in other cities too. I think the gov. needs to back off small business and let us do as we wish. Toot’s in Cookeville has closed its doors now because they have lost 20 percent of their business and alot of folks are now without a job thanks to our elected officials. go read more about toos closing their doors and I hope they dont close here

Toot’s closed in Cookevill and could they close in Smyrna????



  1. I hate hearing this, but I still can’t help it. I love going into restaurants now and not having to come out smelling all smokey. My daughter can come out of restaurants now and doesn’t have to have a breathing treatment. It’s made a good difference in our lives. Sigh.

  2. My wife and I love the new smoking ban. Now we can go bowling, enjoy smoke free recreation and eat anywhere without smelling smoke. We are very please to be free from it at work. We can’t go dancing at a club but smokers can go there and smoke. We have a hard to finding a place to dance but we dance at home now and then. Smokers in TN are very lucky. Go live in Ohio. They have no place to smoke in public. It’s a good law. As for the loss of jobs, I wish I could care. I really do. The fact is, no one cares. How many good jobs have been lost? I have been out of work many times just because people love to buy foreign cars. DO YOU CARE? I don’t think so. Service jobs are very much available. People can go find another one very easily. TN won’t fall off the map and smokers will get used to restraining in public, which is what they should have done all along. Lastly, you want lawmakers to care about people losing jobs? Ha! Ha! They care about their jobs… but not ours. You must be quite the dreamer. I hope you get your dreams to come true… GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

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