Do you cherish your friends?

December 06 2007

I have been so busy working 7 days a week lately that I haven’t had much time to talk with any of my dear and true friends. I know they understand that I am working alot but I feel that I need to make more time to actual call them and tell them I do care for them. When you reach a certain age in life, your friends tend to change and you have less friends because you are now more selective. I have only a hand full of friends that I talk with and those people mean the world to me. Blogging for one, has created a few good friends and those people have made me, through talking with them, grow up so much, that I really apperciate them more than anything. Don’t let life pass you by without getting to know those great people that are out there waiting to be your friends! I have one friend that is a sweet person and we don’t always see eye to eye on life’s issues but we do get along. Another true friend of mine makes me laugh everytime I talk with her and she inspires me to try to write better online through her work!!
Yet another good friend of mine, Yvonne Moon, has stepped up to the plate in times of need to help those that needed it the most. A friend of mine that I am getting just getting to know is a guy that is has a heart and is everyone’s friend. Now I ask everyone to take a few minutes out of your busy day and call a friend that means something to you and let them know you are thinking about them. This is one way to show your love and let others know that friends are to cherish….


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