To My lazy Ass Neighbors…

December 24 2007

I want you to know that you are nothing more than piles of shit. You need to go back to the ghetto of downtown Nashville and stay the hell out of La Vergne Tn. Your yard is starting to look like a junk yard with all the cars and trucks parked in the yard. The backyard is full of dogs that you have decided to leave this weekend without food and water and they have gotten out to run the neighborhood and scare people since they are dogs that are known to hurt people. I.E. pitbulls and german sheppards. I also think tht 12 to 15 people living in a 3 bedroom home is not very safe or sanitary. Everyone in the neighbothood wants you to sell your home and get the fuck out of the area. You are bringing down our property values as well as turning the area into a ghetto looking place to live!! Go sell your drugs somewhere else because we don’t want that shit here anymore!!!

sidenote: I know for one that they won’t ever see this for the don’t have internet and for those that think I am saying this to be racist I am not I am tired of looking like the projects next door to my nice home!!!


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