Getting things off my chest as my New Years resolution!!

January 05 2008

I have decided that this year I am going to tell it like it is and not let things bother me or bottle things up. I will be giving my thoughts as I feel and don’t care if I come across a asshole or not. I have lived my life as I feel that I haveand now it’s time to speak for myself and if I hurt anyone’s feelings then I am sorry but I am not going to hold things inside of me anymore because it’s making me a very bitter person. I know some will thing I am racist but I am really not. Some might get so mad at me that they want to hurt me but I don’t care. I am tired like I said of holding things inside. Each week I will let loose with a few things I have bottled up inside of me and this week here it goes……

I have enjoyed the web and the websites I go to daily but I have observed the last few months that certain blogs online have become so fucked up that it seems to me that its running peoples lives. It also seems to me that that’s all they do is stay online all day and read blogs. I know there are a few that blog for a living which is cool with me but some others just have made it so apparent that they can not live a day without being online in the blogs. I also feel people have right to read and comment on anything they need to. I know several friends of mine that work on blogs or have blogs but they don’t take it so serious that its all they have in life. Kathy T., Chip, Ivy, Gunner are all people I look up to but others seem to take blog life to the extreme and think its a popularity contest to see who can have the most posting one day or the most hits. Come on people its just blogs!!! I know this will piss some folks off but hey I am not here to win your fucking love for I don’t read your blogs that much anyway.

Also since I am telling it like it is I want to say this….

I am very pissed off by the way most of the bloggers in the great city have acting towards giving to those that needed our help. Some of the bloggers stepped up to help and that was wonderful. I am talking about when we asked for help for the Christmas for the Children and the Bowling for Brandron brewer fundraisers. You people were more concerned about your fucking blogs and politics then helping some child that really needs the helps. This really upsets me that bloggers in our community didn’t help as much as we had hope. Don’t just think its me that feels this way either, others do but they are too scared to say anything about this because they are scared they might loose a friend or two.


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