This week’s bitchin…

January 12 2008

I have been watching some of the presidential campaigning and man do i see the stupidity that these people are trying to use on us. For one I myself will be voting for the one I see fit to run and win , not the one that a certain person say we all need to vote for. I know that Oprah is a major t.v. star but come on folks. If Oprah told you to jump off a bridge would you do it. It seems to me that this country has really gone to the fucking dogs. We have our young people looking up to those that really haven’t made a difference in this country. Ste back and look at our young people today. I see them everyday in my life and they don’t dress the correct way with their pants hanging down to their knees, they don’t use the English language like it is suppose to be used. I am so sick of people not being themselves and following those that everyone thinks is god!! People just be yourselves and stop looking up to those that really in the long run don’t give a shit about you and what really happens to you. Oprah acts like she cares about all of her viewers but really she doesn’t care about shit unless it has to do with money!!!

Now for the other topic which has to do with the first topic Oprah has endorsed Obama and now it looks like they are trying to use to the race card against the Clinton’s. I knew this was going to happen and The Clinton’s have not said anything wrong. People like I said up top be your own person and don’t let others tell you what to do. Look at the people running and decide for yourself on who you would vote for. Get out to vote this year and let’s make a difference!!


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