Why can’t we have a day to ourselfs?

January 22 2008

OK i was at work last night thinking that the GLBT community definitely needs to have their own day of recognition. If we can celebrate MLK Day then why not celebrate Stonewall and have all the schools, banks, Wall street and anything else close up? We, GLBT, need to take a stand and try to get more done for us as we are shunned as a group of people. We get treated much worse than any group of folks but then we still pay our taxes and are a common people among others!

Law enforcement raids on gay bars and discotheques were a regular part of gay life in cities across the United States, until the 1960s, when sudden raids on bars in many major cities became markedly less frequent. Most conclude that the decline in raids can be attributed to a series of court challenges and increased resistance from the Homophile Movement.

Prior to 1965, the police would sometimes record the identities of all those present at a raid, occasionally providing the information to newspapers for publication. Police used any convenient justification to make arrests on charges of indecency including kissing, holding hands, cross dressing – even merely being in the bar at the time of the raid.

In 1965, two important figures came into prominence. The first was John Lindsay, a liberal Republican who was elected mayor of New York City on a reform platform. The other was Richard Leitsch, who became president of the New York City chapter of the Mattachine Society at around the same time. Leitsch was considered relatively militant compared to his predecessors and believed in direct action techniques commonly used by other civil rights groups in the 1960s.

This event that tool place back in the 1960’s did help some for the GLBT people but it’s just not enough. It’s 2008 and GLBT community is growing bigger and stronger and more and more people either have a family member or know someone that is Gay, Lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgender. If we had our own day to celebrate other than the regular pride parades which doesn’t get much attention , then I feel that more and more people would stand beside us and hold our hand towards better freedoms than we have now! Click here to go down memory lane and learn so much more about the Stonewall Riots of the 60’s


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