We are being raped by big oil!!

February 02 2008

Ok People, I know that gas prices have been high and from what I am hearing from CNN.COM is that Exxon Mobile has made 40.6 billion dollars in profit. Now they say that they are using this money to invest in making better gas and alternative energy usage. Bullshit!! Someone is making alot of good money off of us and this has to stop! The government needs to stop this and make these companies that are raping us lower the prices. I know this wont happen but needs to! We as a country need to cut back on our driving to show these big companies that we can do without all this driving around!

update: on Dec 27th back in 1999 gas was $1.46 a gallon and then in may of 2005 it hit $2.02 a gallon. and today it’s up towards $3.00 a gallon. I would think Americans need to take this into account and vote for what’s right and best for our country!!


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