Please go back to the Ghetto…

February 03 2008

I am so sick and tired of my neighbors acting like this is the ghetto. They have cars coming and going throughout the day and night and the owner of this home isnt hardly ever there. The cops have been called on these people so many times and one time last month the swat team was even over there. I know there are codes in this city that doesnt allow all these cars to park in the yard. I know for a fact that there are 12 people living in a 3 bedroom and sometimes there is even more living there. The one 21 yr old girl that lives there is handicapped and she and her aunt sleep in the garage at times since there is so many people over there. They also have dogs in the back yard which do get out at times and we have called the shelter on them and they seem to do nothing! I want to put this call out there for ou city officals to see if there is anything e can do to get these people out of here. Our home values are going down because of this happening in the neighborhood. Please help us!!!


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