Another over rated holiday….

February 15 2008

It seems to me that every other week we have a holiday going on. Martin Luther King, Vaentines, St. Patrick’s Day, and so on. These are just holidays so the retailers will get your money folks. Life still goes on while people take days off to celebrate these holidays and such. Everyone today seems to be blogging about Valentines day and while I was sleeping today I could care less about hearts and candy. Big freaking deal!! Some may think I have anger built up but I really don’t. I just think giving someone candy so they will gain weight and I won’t like them anymore is just plain stupid!!! Also, why go and spend $65.00 on a dozen rosses when tomorrow they we will $19.95….come on folks grow the hell up this isnt high school anymore just tell your over you love them give them a kiss and move on to the next project!!


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