I won’t vote if……

February 15 2008

I have decided that if Hillary Clinton doesn’t win the nomination then I will not be voting. I have had bad feelings about this Obama guy since he started running. I don’t think that America is ready for black president (not saying I am racist) I just feel that if something in his presidency goes wrong then there will be a race war in our own country. People stop and think about what could happen to all of us. Also look at his exp. in Government. He does not have many years serving our country and he is still very young. If I was to go get a job they would look at my exp to see if I was able to handle the job. Just don’t vote for someone because Oprah said so. That is what’s wrong with this country now, we all seem to want to be followers and not take things or listen for ourselfs. If Oprah said to jump off a bridge most people probably would do so. Grow up America and do things for yourself and handle things for yourself!


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