Does disliking someone make you racist?

February 16 2008

Ok eveyone, there is this one person that everytime I make a statement, thinks I am racist. Well I want everyone to know that just because I don’t like someone doesn’t mean I am racist. I don’t like a number of people and that is not because of skin color or nationality. I don’t like certain white people, black people, gay people, and so on. the people I don’t like have either done something to me or I just can’t stand them. It is a free country and I can feel the way I want to feel. She knows who is she and I bet she doesnt like certain folks either so does that make her racist too? Hmm!!Some close friends of mine are black, asian, mexican and ect so dont go around fucking telling people that I am a racist….You don’t know me so dont fucking judge me while you sit in your little world of computers and such!! I dont like Obama because I have had bad feelings about him way before he said he was going to run for president. It’s not because he is black so get over it and grow the fuck up!!!!



  1. Welcome to my blocked list, Mark, I’m done engaging you.

  2. You just outed yourself….no one would have known it was you until you opened your big fucking mouth…god i love the net!!!

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