My thoughts on Obama….

February 16 2008

I have been watching the candidates on t.v and reading about them online. All I have seen and heard from Obama is CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE. But how is he going to change things? I have yet to hear how he is going to end the Iraq war, work on the economy, lower gas prices, end gang violence, and work on illegals. With just 3 yrs exp in government I dont see how he can run a country. I do know that when Bill Clinton ended office there was no debt to our country. Yes he was for the North Amercia trade agreement and yes he got oral sex from some bimbo but hey all politicans are crooked. Obama will just like the others so why is America not looking at exp first but listening to Obama? If he wins the nomination then I will not be voting this year becasue from day one I have had bad feelings about this man and in time if he wins the presidency and things don’t work out then I will be one of those that will tell everyone ” I told you so!” I knew bush was going to be bad for us but no one listened…hmmmmmm!!

Update: Is Obama buying up super delegrates? not sure read more here!!

go and find out all you want to know here, about any candidates


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