We will pay out our butt this year…

February 22 2008

It’s the last year for President Bush and ye we are going to be paying alot more for gas than ever before. Back in 1999 gas was $1.46 and the it took off when Bush came into office. Mot say its not because of Bush but I know better. I am going on record now to say that I think gas will be almost $4.00 by the end of the year. Bush is from Texas and we all know that Texas has oil. Bush is from Texas as well and his lobbist are in oil. If you think back we have more and more prescription ads on t.v. now more than ever. Everyone has something wrong with them either high blodd pressure, sleep roblems, or no insurance. Look to the republicans and blame them for high prices that we have to pay now and in the future. They will get us this year they are in office. i want to know what Hillary and Obama are going to do to help lower the prices for us? Anyone know?


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