My good friend’s veiw on Obama….

February 24 2008

I was at work last night when my good friend Apeil came by and we talked about the last week’s events and what people are talking about. If you know April, you know that she is a very strong spoken African American woman and she holds nothing back. I told her about Myself getting blocked by a local blogger and she laughed so hard she about fell off the stool she was sitting upon! She told me that if anyone calls me names they have to deal with her. On another note we got talking ABOUT Obama and she had to say ” we are really in trouble” and I asked why she says this and she tells me that if Obaama wins he won’t really know what to do because he is so young and no exp. And if Hillary wins she will run the country on emotions but he husband will help her run the country like it should be run. I respect her opinion about things going on.


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