When is the killings going to stop?

March 12 2008

Ok most of you know how I feel on gangs and what they do and how the influence our youth. Well I just read another young teen has died because of the gangs. This is something that we as a people have to stop. This senseless killing was done by a Hispanic gang and they ask this young high school football star if he was in a gang and he said no and they killed him. How fucking stupid!! This just pisses me off even more because of all the gangs in this country. Go and read his story here…http://www.cnn.com/2008/CRIME/03/10/gang.killing/index.html#cnnSTCText

There is this young teen in our neighborhood and last year he was headed down the wrong path and I knew it. Today most of the young teens in the area aren’t allowed to hang out with him because he is now in a gang. I feel that for the last 2 years this young teen was left alone alot during the evening hours while both his parents worked and somehow someone from a gang got him to join and now this young man is fucked!! Say what you want about the music our youth listen to but I don’t know anyone that joins a gang or because a mean person because they listen to country, dance, classical, top 40 , and oldies. I know that this rap music does have an influence on the youth but as a parent you should watch what your child listens to or downloads. I have had them at work block alot of music off the jukebox that it now off the Internet because they use such bad words and talk about drive-by’s. Plus when I hear a song that is being played I look at the person that played it and man do they look gangster. yes I said the word they look gangster. This is a problem that we have in our days and I remember back in the 80’s we didn’t have to worry about all this going on now did we? I don’t see drive-bys happening by listening to Madonna or men at work! step back and take a look at what life has brought us and the point we are headed into. A life of crime isn’t the way to go but these rappers are making it look like its fun to be gangster!!


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