How honest would you be?

March 14 2008

I am a person that is very honest and being honest sometimes has been almost bad because it has gotten me into trouble. Well, today it made me feel so warm inside. I went out to cash my paycheck and run a few errands. On my way back I stopped at Arby’s and grabbed some lunch through the drive-thru. My total was $8.73 and I gave the person at the window, which was an asst mgr., a $20.00 and then he gave me back $15.00 in change and I thought this isnt right so I told him he gave me $5.00 too much and handed it back to him and he then realised his mistake. I got my food and drove off knowing that if I had given out too much money I would like for someone to be honest and make sure I was not short on my register. Honesty does pay and I just wonder how many of you would really own up to something like this and become honest! leave me comments and let me know. This will be fun to see how many would keep the extra money or hand it back!


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