Stick and stones will break my bones but……

April 14 2008


Well with everything going on at the LaVergne city hall, I wanted to speak my mind alittle about certain things being said. I, myself have noticed tat our youth are calling each other the “N” word and it doesn’t phase them one bit. I hear the “N” word almost every night at work and even in the music these teens play. I also have heard females call each other “Bitches”! Now with the racist stuff going on at city hall makes me wonder if people are just using this to get money. The times have changed since the 1980’s and names like this are now common place. I myself is so use to be calling “fag, queer, gay” that it doesn’t bother me anymore for I have accepted myself and love myself so these words don’t really hurt me anymore! I ask you this question: If someone called you a name would you run to a lawyer and sue them or just let it fly over your shoulder? We as a country like to run and sue someone for every little thing. I don’t see anything wrong with name calling but if someone did something to hurt someone i.e. like drive-by or cross burning that is different! We are really going rethink this when our children become us and if they call each other the “N” word! This is something to think about!


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