Gas problems….

April 22 2008

Ok folks, I know that gas is now at $3.45 a gallon here in town and everyone is wondering why it’s not going down? Well, we all know that Bush is here for his last few months in office and the “Big Oil compnaies ” are going to rip us off even more. Now, what I purpose is this…Why not release our reserves for a whole week and then see if the gas prices come down some. I bet those that are in the market will see that we will not tollerate high prices. We have millions of oil off the coast to use and we arent using it! If we just use this oil for one week then we wont rely on other countries oil and this will show them we arent going to put up with anymore high prices. If this doesnt work then why not everyone that drives only fill up when need to and don’t drive anywhere but to work and to the stores! If we stat a national boycot then maybe the Big Oil companies will step back and see that all their profits will be lost for we arent going to drive as much. We can help the high prices of gas if we all stand up and do something about it now! I for one dont go anywhere but to work and home now and only spend $20.00 a week in gas! Other countries are only paying pennies for gas like Venzela where they are paying a mere 25 cents a gallon but on the other hand some countries in Europe are paying $7.00 a gallon but half of that is taxes! We are running alot on gas and oil but if we stand up and take a stand now this might help. Also if we start taking more public transportation to and from work this will help. ride a bike to work, carpool, ect. Come on America you can do this. I know if you can go out to eat many times a week then you can work on saving gas!


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