Should I just sit here…

April 24 2008

I have gotten word that someone from the area made a comment over at this is Lavergne .comand it wasn’t very nice so the comment didn’t get published. I have yet to see this comment but from what I was told I know I don’t care what you think. I do know several people that work at the city of Lavergne and I get alot of information from these people because they are fed up with the bullshit that is going on with city government! Yet another thing…Blogging is my freedom of speech and I have every right to write and comment as I see fit! You have no fucking right to tell me what I can or can’t say! Be for warned that you will not attach my character for I Will defend myself as much as possible! Thank you for reading this and hope you have a great day!!



  1. Here is the comment that was made… you can delete this or whatever, but I didn’t have your email to send privately… sorry!

    Just because your Mom works for the City gives you no right to talk to other City employees about those that she works with . You are not there in city hall with her and you have no idea what is the truth. I have heard the things that she has done and said sbout others and it makes me sick to see how petty she is. Maybe she should pay more attention to her ownself and do her job is that not what my tax money is going for , not for her to spend time putting her nose where is just does not belong.

  2. LOL…I KNOW WHO THIS COMMENT WAS MADE BY Either by one of 3 people and it’s ok. The city has many employees that talk about things going on with outsiders so it’s not just me plus I pay taxes as well and should know what is going on with our gov. If you weren’t nervous about things then you wouldn’t try to blame my mother!!

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