I am done…..

April 25 2008

I am sorry but I have tried and tried to be nice but now Mr Niceguy isnt anymore. I am 41 yrs old and my life is at a point to where I am happy with it and have a wonderful job! I am not on this Earth to impress anyne or be anyone’s friend. You will either like me for me or not at all. I will from now on watch who I hang around with. Tonight my feelings were hurt more than I can say from someone and even an appoligy won’t help now! I am to the point of crying and when I get to this point I am really upset! I blog for fun and to say what I feel. I am sorry that many people tonight had to be invovled with what happened. I felt the best thing to do was to leave before things got worse. I bowed out gracefully tonight with my pride! I know there are a few friends from the blog world that will be there for me to cry on their shoulder and for that I say thank you and love you lots! Now I have to go to work depressed as hell and probably wont be happy again for a while. Sorry but I am down tonight and I have a heavy heart!


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