Rutherford county and it’s gangs!!

April 28 2008

I have done some research on gangs myself just to see what kind of gangs there are in the area and now even more so the “Tennesseean” has a article today about gangs and it seems the Middle Tn area has it share of gangs! I had blogged before about gangs and who is most gangs and this article now proves my oitn even more.

Metro logs all suspected gang members who get arrested in Davidson County into a database. Officers have recorded 4,700 gang members with 15 major gang names such as Bloods, Crips, SUR-13, MS-13 and dozens more subsets within those categories, Kemper said.

Some of the gang members arrested in Davidson are from other counties, and in a recently prosecuted gang case — one of the largest in Middle Tennessee history — half the members of a gang known as MS-13 were from Wilson, Rutherford and Williamson counties, Kemper said.

He sees more Hispanic gangs in Williamson such as SUR-13, a Mexican gang also known as surenos. In Rutherford, more Asian gang presence is felt with groups such as Asian Pride.

The crips and Bloods are mostly African American gangs while th AP gang is mostly Asian and the SUR-13 AND MS-13 gangs are mostly Mexican. We as a people need to educate our youth that these types of group activities and social networking groups are not the Norm! I know several people that are naive about gangs and are scared when the word “GANG”  is mentioned. Gangs are not going to do anything in a  public place or to just you or I. They are mostly about territory and being to themselfs commenting crimes. I held a benefit for a young teen last year and some of my customers that showed support were ex members of AP and they told me how this young teen affected them and they have turned their lives around for the better and they try to talk with other young men about not being “jumped in” by a gang because it’s not the life that anyone would want. Maybe ex gang members talking to others would help the situation more than the police would. Teach the youth in our schools like they do in 5th grade with the “DARE” program!  If you want to read more then jump over here and read the article


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