City P.R. person is more negative than others…

May 06 2008

I had heard from someone that the city of Lavergne and some of its employees wont go over to This is LaVergne.com because they say the blog is very negative but I defend the blog and my friends over at the blog I read everyday. If you want to see negtivity then jump over to the City of La Vergne’s website to see all the negative things that happens in our city.

La Vergne police have arrested five people on various charges stemming from an alleged drug deal that went bad Thursday afternoon, according to LPD Chief Ted Boyd.

A Louisiana man stopped by La Vergne police on a routine traffic stop is facing a number of charges in at least three states tonight, according to La Vergne Police Department Detective Sgt. Mike Mullen.

Also while over there look at the archives to see that if some crime happens then it is posted and I feel that isnt good “PR” for our great city. If you want the people of La Vergne to be proud of our city then you need to stop the negativity at the city!


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  1. Ha. Thanks Mark. Stupid is as stupid does, according to Mr. Gump. I think some city workers don’t fall far from the Gump tree!

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