Be the person you were brought up to be…

May 07 2008

I am a person that is very forgiving. My grandmother once told my mother that I was an angel. There are people in this world that I don’t agree with and that is fine. That is what makes this world a great place to live in. I have friends and they are awesome to have. Some are friends that I don’t agree with and they don’t agree with me. I know people have their opinions and that is fine with me. I am not going to hold a grudge for those that don’t agree with me because I am the type of person that knows we all can’t agree! This kind of action makes me a better person in the long run! I might not always agree with you but let’s just be friends anyways and try to get along. Life is much more interesting this way. A love/hate relationship is funny to me!!


much love



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