supervisor enough is enough

May 07 2008

I am sick and tired of my 65 yr old mother coming home night after night really upset and pissed off because her boss is changing things at the office and gets on to her because she is trying to do what she was told to do when she was trained. she has been there almost 3 yrs now and things change everyday and it needs to stop now!! Mom is trying to collect all the past due accounts and now you have told her not to go back to the year of 2004 but to just do 112 a month in collections. I am outing this info. I know that certain realtors have not had to pay to have water turned on to show a house but others have had to pay a months bill. I am not going to have someone keep my mother uset at all times. My mother is not an angry person and wants to do her job. She worked 19 and half yrs at one job so she knows how to run an office. You call yourself a christian woman but no one like this would treat others this way. My mother has over 40 pages of documentation of things that she has put up with at the city in her dept. I hope someone like the mayor sees this post and will step in to see what all is going on with a certain dept!


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