The family life

May 09 2008

I have always wished that I could find someone and settle down. Today I went over to my friends house that I have been seeing some time now and we laughed some. He showed me his home that he bought several years ago and how he has done some work on the inside to this cute little place. On the outside he has a cute little front porch but you couldn’t see it for the big bush that has grown so tall that it reached the roof. Well this morning he went out and bought a chain saw and was trying to trim the bush. Well when I got up this morning he messaged me and asked if I would come over to help him out nd I told him I would but he was to come get me. Well he came right over and picked me up. We got back to his place and he was going to only trim part of this big bush, that’s when I said why not trim enough off so you can see the flower baskets hanging off the railing on the porch. He said great idea! I told him since it was his birthday recently I would buy him some flowers and plant them for him. We finished the bush and headed down to Home Depot. I went looking for flowers and found a cart full of them, some annuals and perennials. Well we went back to his place and planted them and man it looks totally different now. We hung the fern baskets that I also bought for him. his girlfriend will be surprised when she comes home. He just called me to say that he went back and bought more rocks and a tree to finish the yard up. He planted two of the flowers and was tired and asked me if I would finish planting the other 6 nd I told him ” you won’t make a good husband because you don’t want to do any yard work” He then told me that planting flowers isnt as gay as he thought! Ha Ha! Well it actually felt good to help “MY FRIEND” out and I sure do wish someday that I can have someone in my life that I don’t have to share with but have to myself and have a nice home together. I really don’t see this happening because I am so very picky on who I date! 


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