Someone feels the way I do about Obama…

May 11 2008

I am watching CNN right now and they are talking Hammas and they say that Hammas welcomes the thought of Obama winning the White House. WHY are they so welcoming this? Makes one think! This ObAMA HAS NO QUALITFICATIONS!! Someone else does feel the same way I do. Her is some of what this person thinks.


I am a person who pays more attention to a man’s deeds than his words. Obama gives great speeches but that is all he has ever done. He has zero qualifications for the presidency. He fell into a U.S. Senate seat by default a couple of years ago and immediately began running for president. He is recognized as the most liberal senator we have. He talks of change, hope and reconciliation but offers nothing but the same liberal agenda we have had listened to for over 50 years. He began his political career out of this BLT church. He associates with corrupt Chicago power brokers and unrepentant domestic terrorists. His wife has been exposed as a race-baiting liberal activist who has confessed her hatred of America. Obama has all but come out in support of Islamic fascists and their war of terrorism. The list of disqualifications goes on and on. Sorry, Mr. Hart, but no amount of twisted, tortured logic is going to sell us gun-toting, God-loving, bitter American citizens on Obama. Any rational American should be scared to death of this man!

read more of the person that feels the same way I do !!


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