Is there pride in our city?

June 17 2008

With everything that’s been going on with the city hall here in La Vergne Tn, I am beginning to wonder if our city officals have any pride? I know that some of the top officals and supervisors don’t even live in our city. Are they embarrassed by our city that they have to live elsewhere? I know that one aldreman is running for re-election this November and I am going to do everything in my power to have them re-elected. As for the others I could care less about them for they don’t stand up for our rights and they dont take pride in this city. There are citizens that could run city government better than what its going through now! Let’s stand up now and take back our great city.



  1. I think it’s time LaV gets some new blood… and I’m not talking about blood&crips, etc. but newly elected people!

  2. Kathy I agree…if you have seen the news this weekend you know there is alot of hate in our city even with residents. I saw on the news today that someone had been arrested for threatening someone with a gun because they ade racist comments to them…its in the city gov and now with the citizens…this must stop and stop now. We need to elect people like Senna to run things or it wont get any better. I know alot of things now since the other day and cant wait for them to be told by someone else and not me but the time isnt right yet…..wait and see what happens girlfriend. I hope your reunion went well too!!

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