My fathers letter to bloggers….

June 30 2008
American Flag

Dear Friend,

My name is Andy Gunn, and I’m a veteran of the United States Air Force.  I’ve never written a political letter in my life, but I’m doing it now because I feel I need to.

  I depend on the Veteran’s Administration for health care, just like my father did.  His name was Tom Gunn and he served America in two wars.  My brothers John and T.W. were both in the Army, and my nephew served during the Vietnam war, up at Camp Casey on the DMZ border in Korea. Believe me, I pay attention to what’s going on with veterans.

I was raised in Dayton, Ohio, and as a veteran, I’m asking you to help me replace a congressman who votes against veterans over 70% of the time.  That’s the truth:  The current congressman, Mike Turner, has a 29% lifetime voting score from Disabled American Veterans , and the Retired Enlisted Association gives him a lifetime 27%.  But for me, the last straw was his vote last month against the new GI Bill and funding for construction for the VA.  He even votedYoung AndyOlder Andy against combat bonuses for veterans while at the same time voted himself a raise.
We can put an end to this, and make sure our veterans get the treatment they deserve.

The doctors and nurses at our VA center are great, but they’re overworked and outnumbered.  More than once I’ve helped the blind young vets get from place to place because there aren’t enough staffers to help them get around.  They couldn’t see me crying, and that’s a good thing.

I know for a fact that Jane Mitakides, the woman who is running to replace him, is a solid supporter of the military and veterans, and I want to help send her to Congress. American Flag - Jane

I know most of us don’t have a lot of money, but if we could each send $10 we could change the lives of veterans and their families all over America.
Will you stand with this old vet and help me elect Jane Mitakides to fight for my brothers and sisters who served?  Just take a minute, right now, to help me help Jane.


$10 is great, or do more if you can.
I’m tired of saying “we can’t do anything about it,” because there is something we can do.  It’s as simple as going to her web site, www.jane08.com, and giving $10, or whatever you think is right.

She’s smart as a whip, from a solid military family, and as red-white-and-blue as they come.   I know she’ll fight for us every day,  because I’ve known her all her life.  I’m her uncle.


Andy Gunn- Signature

Andy Gunn
Please, do this now – it’s so important. 




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