Filled with emotions.

July 11 2008

I had made an offer yesterday to purchase this cute little house and they came back with a counter offer and I of course gave them another offer which in turn the accepted. I am  feeling very excited, somewhat nervous, happy, and even scared to death. I will have this home as mine which in turn is a wonderful thing for me since I have lived with family for yrs. The scarey thing is did I bite off more than I can chew since the econom  isnt doing very good right now? My bosses assure me that I have a job and I know I will have this job but will I still be able to work as many hours as I want to help pay the bills? I have budgeted this house on a 50 hour work week. I am used to working these hours so this is nothing new to me. I can also find a roomate if I need to but I would rather not but there is the chance. I now have to be looking for furniture to furnish the place which mother is giving me some things which will help. I will be closing, if the insections go, on the last day of July. I will be moving as soon as I get the keys. I am filled with emotions!


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  1. Yeah! Welcome to the New Home Owner Doubts! You will be fine. Try to enjoy the positive – and congratualtions! That’s a fast closing, too.

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