New home means so many things.

July 13 2008

As most of you know I am fixing to close on my new home and while I sit here with different emotions running through my head I am thinking about the fun times I will have in my new house. I went ahead today and bought the wireless card for internet from clearwire and I will be getting the laptop card in the morning. I have also thought about planting a nice little garden next year of tomatoes and cucumbers. The house does have a pumpkin plant with a pumpkin arleady growing on it by the front door. I have done a budget and found out I have to work at least 50 hours a week to pay the bills and put back enough money to save. I am going to do my best not to have to get a roomate right away. I want to enjoy my house and live alone for alittle while. I am going to plan a house warming open house on the first saturday I have moved in. I will be moving in on friday August 1st so as of right now I am going to have the open house on August 2nd from noon till 6pm. All I ask is please respect the neighbors when you stop by to see my new house. I will have some kind of refreshments and ice cold tea to drink. You can stop in and see the place and stay to meet others or you can just pop in to say hi but please try to at least pop over to see me and my new place. I wont have the home furnished with much things as for I am trying to get moved and will probably be totallymoved in by August 1st for I don’t have many things to move in…lol see ya then people!!


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