Playing the waiting game.

July 20 2008

As I sit here thinking about my new home I am fixing to buy I wonder what I will doing once I move in? I know I will decorate the home the way I want it to look. I have already been out shopping for things for the kitchen and a few live plants to sit around but now comes the really fun part of finding what to put on the walls and how to decorate the bathroom and bedrooms. I have registered at Target and found many, many things I like. I wish closing was tomorrow so I can go ahead and get moved in and start decorating. I have yet another week and a half to go if everything goes right. God I hope the appraisal is good. That would be the only thing right now from keeping me to getting the house! I am not going to stress over it though. I feel deep inside this house was meant for me to buy. I know many gay men have older homes and since I am an older gay male then why not buy a older home to fit in with the in crowd, which is not the way I do things. I just like the older home for the history of the area. But I guess you can say I have jumped on the bandwagon of all the other fags in the area! LOL!


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