House warming party to all!!

July 27 2008

Hello all,

As most of you know, I am buying a new house and I will be closing on the home on Tuesday this week and moving in this week. I am planning on having an open house on Sat August 2nd which is next week. The open house will be held from noon to 8pm. If you want to stop by and say hi do so but if you want to stop by and stay andmeet everyone come on. I will have cold iced tea, chips and dip and friendships. If you want beer then you must bring that yourself. after the party we will be going down to Chameleons lounge fo a nice cold beer and to relax. I am also registered at the Smyrna Target under my name mark gunn. I have bought alot of stuff already so if you just want to get gift cards then go ahead and cash is always good….lol. I hope to see some of you there for this party. the address is 100 coleman st smyrna tn so mapquest it and make plans now to stop by. till then I will see you all later for I have to go and pack!!


One comment

  1. Woohooo! A house warming party! Way to go Mark! We are very excited for you and proud for you!
    We will certainly try to make the housewarming party and be waiting as well at the end of your night for the real celebration at the lounge!
    Lova ya 😉 mean it!

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