Boycott Gas stations!!

September 13 2008

Ok people I have seen gas prices go up $1.00 in 2 days at certain stations in Smyrna and not going up uch in Nashville. Gas prices today in town are $4.40 as of 5pm today!! I think we as a people should now boycott all the stations that are much higher than other stations. I have called the number to file a complaint about price gouging. Oil will be $90.00 on Monday this was told on the news Friday. so why are we paying so much for gas? I am now boyoctting Kroger’s, Thorton’s, and home depot! Join me and let’s do this.

UPDATE: At 9pm I was out on Lowry street in Smyrna and passed two B.P station that are located about 2 blocks from each other on the same side of the road and was had gas at $4.09 a gallon and the other one which is Abe’s B.P. had gas for $4.99 a gallon and the other store he owns Mysitc was at $4.99 a gallon as well. Abe is robbing the people of smyrna!


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