Class action lawsuit??

September 17 2008

I have seen wholesale gas today at $2.42 and add another 58 cents to the price for taxes and we should be paying right at $3.00 a gallon. We are paying here in Smyrna $3.97 a gallon at some spots and even more in other spots. I want to know what the laws in this state are for price gouging? Should we, the people get together and bring a class action lawsuit against these companies that are charging us $1.00 a gallon today? I feel we should show these big oil companies we are not playing around with them and won’t take their crap anymore!! Last week I paid $3.49 for gas the night before the hurricane hit Texas and when I went back to work that the next night it had jumped 70 cents. This is highway robbery folks! Let me know if you feel the same way I do and if anyone knows the laws in the state.


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