This election is giving me a headache.

October 23 2008

I did vote in the primaries and voted for Hillary and wondered why the delegates went to Obama?


Now if the populr vote won the state then why did all the delegates and superdelegates turn to Obama?


Next: the elect college is suppose to be dont by the popular vote right?

the state of Tn primaries results are this:

republicans total votes: 530,483

Democrates total votes: 592,277

I think the democrats have won the state of Tn but the media is saying the republicans have this state won. How could this be?


these numbers just dont add up rght for the state to be Republican. My arguement is this the popular vote doesnt mean shit really and we need to change this but the elected officals wont bother!


One comment

  1. The problem is that many Republicans register as Democrats so they can vote in the primaries for the candidate that they think will NOT win in the general election against their Republican candidate, thereby increasing their chance to steal the general election. I think it’s one of many common – though dishonest – tricks that Republicans use to steal elections.

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