Pick-up driving good ole boys network!!

November 02 2008

With only a few days left until the election, I sit here this morning wondering what is in store for out beautiful country. Our economy sucks right now, jobs are being lost at a high rate, gas prices were at an all time high but are finally coming, and we are all fixing to vote on November 4th! I remember back in 2000 when we were sitting around watching the returns come in and the state of Tennessee had voted for this guy we thought was going to take this country even further than Bill Clinton had already taken us. I didn’t vote back then but now I know I should have! The great careless and almost ignorant people of the state voted for president Bush along side of the whole country. I remember several years later at the Kroger’s while filling up with gas people were bitching about the gas prices, I looked at them and told these people hey who did you vote for back in 2000? One guy told me he voted for Bush and I told him well don’t bitch about the price of gas because Bush is going to make millions of gas while he is in office! The good ole boys in Washington are always going to be good ole boys like the ones here in Tennessee. My father said the other day that Tennessee will sit in their little shacks on the side on mountains in the state and will vote Republican this year. I just wish people would Wake up and do the right thing and vote for the right person this time andnot try to follow suit with the good ole boys! Gas prices are slowing falling now because of the election and the economy but its alittle late because millions have lost their homes and jobs and with the holidays coming up soon many won’t be able to have dinner. Don’t you good ole boys see what you have done to our country over the last 8 years? I am so sick of this! It is our American duty to go and vote. So I ask everyone to go ahead and make plans to get out Tuesday morning nd cast your vote but remember while standing in line that if you vote for the wrong guy it could be another four more years of what we are going through now!


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