Voter fraud against my cousin in Ohio..

November 03 2008

We need your help!

With Democratic voters turning out in droves to vote early, Jane’s opponent has posted teams of people around the Montgomery County Board of Elections, and they are telling people that her Republican opponent is a Democrat…endorsed by Barack Obama! 

They are handing out literature with no party indicated, for voters to take inside the voting booth!

This attempt to confuse voters could be costing valuable votes… especially if they get a Republican sample ballot in the mistaken belief it is a list of Democrats!

We are breaking records here every day — over 3,400 people voted in person in Montgomery County alone on Saturday… and we believe Sunday exceeded Saturday… even though the voting hours weren’t as long.  We can’t let this happen!

Congressman Turner personally entered the polls FIVE times on Saturday, shaking hands and electioneering inside the building WELL within the 100 foot mark.  When angry voters began taking pictures, he left.

We need your help!  Come join us in OH-3 and help us outside the polls, or contribute so we can make this stop!

Turner in Polls

It is so important that we sieze this important moment in time, to be part of history.  We cannot let voter fraud taint another Ohio election! Formal complaints are being filed, but we need to put a stop to this now!

If you can help, call us at 937-272-1104.  Or please contribute NOW!  As one of the “Most Corrupt Members of Congress,” he might want to hide from his record and party, but voter deception is illegal.

We need all hands on deck in Ohio’s Third District!

Thank you!  Thank you!


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