Something to think about!

November 18 2008

As I sit here and watch the news about the the big 3 Auto makers asking for a bailout I begin to wonder. What am I wondering you might ask me? Well, if everyone would think about this it might make some sense to us all. The big 3 auto makers were making and selling S.U.V.’S and trucks. All of a sudden gas is going up and up and up. A record price of gas has been seen lately. Now that gas has dropped to levels before Bush, I wonder if these 3 auto makers and big oil were all in this together.  The big 3 are now broke while oil and gas prices are dropping everyday. Billions have been made by the oil companies and hedge fund operators and the 3 big auto makers. Now they are begging our government for help for they are  paying their retired employees 95% of their pay. We as a country have been robbed by these people! I say let these big companies sink. The mortgage companies have done the same thing with the American people and they should go broke as well. If I didn’t pay my bills no one would help me out. The bailouts should be there for the Americans that really need it for the money is ours not big companies. These companies have made millions and the Executives are sitting wealthy while the average Joe is homeless or hungry! We need to stand up and say HELL NO…for the bailouts!!


UPDATE: CNN is telling us now that the unions have the employees making $75.00 an hour compared to others. They have screwed themselfs. go on strike to get more money and your company will go broke! It cost Gm $1600 per car for health insurance but over at Toyota it cost $200 per car. go figure!!


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