Wal-mart death.

November 29 2008

I wondered how long it was going to be before someone was killed at a Wal-Mart. Working for this mega chain store for 5 years back in the middle 1990’s I notice people acting greedy on Black Friday. This doesnt surprise me that people would trample over a worker and kill him just to save a few dollars. I believe that Wal-mart should face charges plus if they catch any of the people that walked over this man they should face charges as well! Greed has become the America way and People need to stop and look at themselfs. Is a life more important than a flat screen t.v.? Hell yes it is!I also think that they should change the way they do Black Friday. If they dont have enough specials for everyone then they shouldnt sell it! Target knows how to handle the people that come in on this special day. When I worked for the mega store on this day the customers would run and grab the Nintendo 64 game system and fight over it. Come on people its just a game and your adults. Act like it!


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