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Look what they did to my new house

December 22 2008

this was done last night while I was at work and man I am pissed.



supervisor enough is enough

May 07 2008

I am sick and tired of my 65 yr old mother coming home night after night really upset and pissed off because her boss is changing things at the office and gets on to her because she is trying to do what she was told to do when she was trained. she has been there almost 3 yrs now and things change everyday and it needs to stop now!! Mom is trying to collect all the past due accounts and now you have told her not to go back to the year of 2004 but to just do 112 a month in collections. I am outing this info. I know that certain realtors have not had to pay to have water turned on to show a house but others have had to pay a months bill. I am not going to have someone keep my mother uset at all times. My mother is not an angry person and wants to do her job. She worked 19 and half yrs at one job so she knows how to run an office. You call yourself a christian woman but no one like this would treat others this way. My mother has over 40 pages of documentation of things that she has put up with at the city in her dept. I hope someone like the mayor sees this post and will step in to see what all is going on with a certain dept!


City P.R. person is more negative than others…

May 06 2008

I had heard from someone that the city of Lavergne and some of its employees wont go over to This is because they say the blog is very negative but I defend the blog and my friends over at the blog I read everyday. If you want to see negtivity then jump over to the City of La Vergne’s website to see all the negative things that happens in our city.

La Vergne police have arrested five people on various charges stemming from an alleged drug deal that went bad Thursday afternoon, according to LPD Chief Ted Boyd.

A Louisiana man stopped by La Vergne police on a routine traffic stop is facing a number of charges in at least three states tonight, according to La Vergne Police Department Detective Sgt. Mike Mullen.

Also while over there look at the archives to see that if some crime happens then it is posted and I feel that isnt good “PR” for our great city. If you want the people of La Vergne to be proud of our city then you need to stop the negativity at the city!


Stick and stones will break my bones but……

April 14 2008


Well with everything going on at the LaVergne city hall, I wanted to speak my mind alittle about certain things being said. I, myself have noticed tat our youth are calling each other the “N” word and it doesn’t phase them one bit. I hear the “N” word almost every night at work and even in the music these teens play. I also have heard females call each other “Bitches”! Now with the racist stuff going on at city hall makes me wonder if people are just using this to get money. The times have changed since the 1980’s and names like this are now common place. I myself is so use to be calling “fag, queer, gay” that it doesn’t bother me anymore for I have accepted myself and love myself so these words don’t really hurt me anymore! I ask you this question: If someone called you a name would you run to a lawyer and sue them or just let it fly over your shoulder? We as a country like to run and sue someone for every little thing. I don’t see anything wrong with name calling but if someone did something to hurt someone i.e. like drive-by or cross burning that is different! We are really going rethink this when our children become us and if they call each other the “N” word! This is something to think about!


Exxon Mobil made $40 billion in 2007 off of the American people…

April 02 2008

I know for a fact that big oil has robbed the american people! These big companies are taking all of our money and living large. Gas  back in 1999 was $1.46 a gallon and now it’s $3.06 here in Smyrna!  Tell me we are not being robbed of our hard earned money? With oil trading at over $100 a barrel and Americans forking out over $3 a gallon for gas, the oil industry has come under fire for its record profits over the last few years. Exxon Mobil made $40 billion in 2007 alone, and the other big companies have all posted record profits in the billions. Our wonderful President is in on this robbery as well. He has given these big oil companies tax breaks and he isnt going to change that! This from CNN.COM.”The House has tried to repeal the tax break several times, only to have it shot down in the Senate and face a veto threat from President Bush.”

 Please go over to CNN MONEY and read more about what Congress is trying to do to help us with big oil!!


If your married then your healthy!!

March 26 2008


I guess many married folks out there are really healthy if they fight. I am not married and I am not sure if I am healthy or not? Hmm makes me wonder maybe I should get married so I can be healthy? Are you married and healthy? Do you fight with your beloved other half? I just don’t believe that fighting can make you Healthy!! And then again it could be fun to fight and make up!!


When is the killings going to stop?

March 12 2008

Ok most of you know how I feel on gangs and what they do and how the influence our youth. Well I just read another young teen has died because of the gangs. This is something that we as a people have to stop. This senseless killing was done by a Hispanic gang and they ask this young high school football star if he was in a gang and he said no and they killed him. How fucking stupid!! This just pisses me off even more because of all the gangs in this country. Go and read his story here…

There is this young teen in our neighborhood and last year he was headed down the wrong path and I knew it. Today most of the young teens in the area aren’t allowed to hang out with him because he is now in a gang. I feel that for the last 2 years this young teen was left alone alot during the evening hours while both his parents worked and somehow someone from a gang got him to join and now this young man is fucked!! Say what you want about the music our youth listen to but I don’t know anyone that joins a gang or because a mean person because they listen to country, dance, classical, top 40 , and oldies. I know that this rap music does have an influence on the youth but as a parent you should watch what your child listens to or downloads. I have had them at work block alot of music off the jukebox that it now off the Internet because they use such bad words and talk about drive-by’s. Plus when I hear a song that is being played I look at the person that played it and man do they look gangster. yes I said the word they look gangster. This is a problem that we have in our days and I remember back in the 80’s we didn’t have to worry about all this going on now did we? I don’t see drive-bys happening by listening to Madonna or men at work! step back and take a look at what life has brought us and the point we are headed into. A life of crime isn’t the way to go but these rappers are making it look like its fun to be gangster!!

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