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Christmas for the Children…

June 07 2007

I know that its only the first of June but, I have asked about holding a fundraiser this year at work and they said it would be fine and its never too early to start planning one so I am going to contact Kathy T. soon and start to plan this event. I feel that maybe we can hold a few fundraisers before the actual holiday season arrives. Last year we held 2 at the Smyrna skate center and the turn out was and I feel that we just through it together and also not alot of adults wanted to come because they don’t skate…well This time will be different. There will be no excuses from anyone that they cant come and join us for a night of bowling, music, food, fun family and friendship! If we have enough folks purchasing tickets then they will close the bowling center just for our group which could be alot of fun. More info on this event as we plan it so stay tuned!!!

On another note: on June 29th the city of Smyrna is holding a fundraiser to help send teens to the sister city in Japan. I know my boss has printed up about 300 tickets for this event but have yet to find out where they can be purchased from since the city is holding this event. If anyone knows please leave me a message and I will blog about it! This event will be held at the bowling center and will be overnight with all the bowling you can handle on a Friday night. Plus if enough tickets are sold then the place will be closed and opened just for this fundraiser. so Lets see some support from our city and help these kids go over seas to our sister city!!

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