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Where have I been?

May 29 2007

pictures-007.jpgWhere have I been. you ask? Well I have been out of town. I took Friday and Saturday off from work and went up to see my father in Cookeville Tn. He owns a used car lot and I went up to see him and help him with his sales on the internet. My father cant even turn on a computer…lol…It went so well this past weekend that I went back to work last night and worked and then asked to take the next 3 days off. I will be working alot starting next week at the bowling center. I have one car deal being worked on right now so I will be maing alittle money off the deal. If this car lot takes off like we are hoping I might be moving up here to run this car lot.

There is alot I still have to learn about the business. I know nothing about cars but I am a fast learner. I also have enjoyed spending time with my father. He is now 71 yrs old and back when I was growing up we didnt get along very well. My father back then was a drunk and he was very abusive to me. He has changed alot since he is much older and we get along great!!!

I have been posting alot of our cars on, so if your looking for a low mileage car then we can help you. Go and look on and look for the cars posted under cookeville tn and feel free to call us at 931-582-6450.

For all of my blogger buddies I miss all of you but I am still reading those that I enjoy. i HOPE EVERYONE HAD A GREAT HOLIDAY WEEKEND AND DIDNT GET TO SUN BURNED. I will be posting more as things happen….take care

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