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August 28 2008

I went to work tonight and was at work for 38 minutes then I got the call from my older brother and he was in tears telling me his wife of 17 yrs had passed. I am at work and he is in Florida. I feel so helpless and not knowing what to do to help him! He doesnt have any family there but had many many firends. All of her family but one son was there and I am glad that his wife’s family was there but it’s not the same. I asked him if he wanted me to leave Nashville later today to come down and be with him and he told me “NO!” I need you to be there and I will be coming up to visit you soon so I can have some time away from here. My bosses have told me that I can take as much time off to go be with him as needed but if he doesnt want me there right now then I guess I will wait. There wont be a funeral. She had asked for her to be cermated and then have a big party in her honor. She wants to be remembered as one that loved to live life and not worry about things. I want to thank her for she was the one that back 15 yrs ago started to search for my father since David didn’t know any of us. She knew then that we needed to be with him when the time came. She has been dealing with cancer for over 22 yrs now and she did survive well. I am going to miss er smiling face and never worrysome mind! Le Ann I miss you already! God will take care of you now and I will see you in the afterlife!


goodbye you old ass

May 16 2007

I just heard that an old hatefull man has died and I am not sorry at all he has passed. You might think this is very cold but when someone like Jerry Fallwell passes I know that he wont be missed by many of us! He has always said that people that werent like him were going to hell!!! Well Mr Fallwell, I am not sure that you even have a place up in heaven now that you have said gays caused 911. If gays caused 911 then why did people die? You have got so many people hating other that it just isnt right!!! goodbye and goodriddens you old ass of a man!!!

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